Picking the Right Shade of Red Hair for Your Skin Tone

If you’re thinking of becoming a redhead there are some thing to consider before dipping into the dye. The most important thing to consider is choosing the right shade to suit your skin tone, since this could affect how flattering your over all look will be. Follow these guidelines to get closer to your perfect shade of red.

For fair to light skin tones look for a shade of red in the strawberry blonde family. Terra cotta and copper, whether in subtle highlights throughout or as an all-over color, these light shades of red will compliment fair skin best.  Avoid overly bright shades of red or orange that will be too harsh. This also goes for dark reds that will tend to wash you out.

Medium (yellow) skin tones have it a bit easier. Rich auburns, cinnamon, and warm ginger shades will flatter best. If you’re blonde, start with lowlights in these shades to ease the transition into becoming a redhead if you’re not quite sure which shade you want. If you’re a brunette, have your stylist bring out the natural red undertones of your hair color with a tint or face framing highlights to add dimension.

Olive to dark skin tones are flattered best by blue-based reds. This family of reds include burgundy and ruby hues. You can go a bit more drastic with darker reds and not get washed out.  However, the same does not apply for lighter reds like strawberry or bright orange-reds. These too light colors will clash with your skin tone and distract from your natural glow instead of enhancing it.

It’s also important to remember that when going darker or richer in color, as in this case, to not skip the blush or bronzer in your daily makeup routine. This will supply the right amount of color to your complexion to really play up the tones in your new hair color. 

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